Cholesta Support

Cholesta Support

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This unique and potent formula is excellent for supporting healthy cholesterol metabolism.

A very popular effective comprehensive formula. It combines concentrated nutrients essential for this function.

This formula is a favorite in our office due to it’s ease of use, concentration and effectiveness.

In addition, we are one of the few companies using organic red yeast rice in our formula. The combination of Red Yeast Rice along with other nutrients is what makes this formula so effective. We also test each batch of our Red Yeast Rice for citrinin levels. This is very important as citrinin is very toxic to the kidneys. Not all companies take this extra step to insure your safety.

Potency and Purity Guaranteed! We use a State Inspected and Regulated Certified GMP Facility to produce all of our products to ensure you get only the best formulas to enhance your well being. Thorough testing is done at various stages of production.

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