Blood Sugar Balance

Blood Sugar Balance

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Blood Sugar Support is a high potency herbal nutrient combination formula designed to support normal blood sugar levels.  It contains large amounts of berberine so it also has many additional benefits such as supporting health cholesterol levels, for use with those with dysbiosis and with immunity. This formula can be produced with more than one label for different uses depending on your needs.

It combines potent concentrated herbals such as Gymnema Sylvestre, Bitter Melon, Banaba leaf and concentrated Berberine with potent amounts of high absorption nutrients including lipoic acid, chromium, zinc, vanadium and biotin to make up a comprehensive and effective formula. Our patients love this formula because, together with making dietary and lifestyle changes, it works exceptionally well. NOTE: This formula is now Double Strength. Which means less pills to swallow!

Potency and Purity Guaranteed! We use a State Inspected and Regulated Certified GMP Facility to produce all of our products to ensure you get only the best formulas to enhance your well being. Thorough testing is done at various stages of production.

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